Tongue in Cheek Geek Humor from the PDC

An old colleague (Biff Gaut) of mine has a great daily newsletter from the PDC.  This is certainly targeted for those of us looking for a “light” look at all things new that come out of PDC, but at times very technical with a perspective from someone who has been in the industry for some time (20+ years), started off as a C or C++ developer (not sure how early as I started with C/ASM).

But, as always, with the technical content comes the sometimes dry, humor that only Biff can interweave into the Geek content.

To subscribe, find the email on his page it’s  “editor AT”

To go back a few years, take a look at some of his prescience`:

Kind of reminds me of Mr. Bunny’s Guide to ActiveX – which is on my all time favorite reading list – if you know anything about ActiveX in the early days (COM to be specific), then this book is also a great, dry humor read.

Biff, I apologize for the overuse of the word “dry” in this post.