AngularJS intellisense NuGet package added

Using the work of John Bledsoe, a NuGet package has been added that takes a dependency on AngularJS.Core – and provides the angular.intellisense.js file to your project.


Referenced here:

This approach takes the ‘per’ project approach and puts this into the /scripts directory of your project.

_references.js – auto-update

In addition, the package delivers a default _references.js file that allows for auto-update. If you want to at any time regernated the references, in Visual Studio open _references.js and then choose “Update JavaScript References”.

/// <autosync enabled="true" />
/// <reference path="angular.js" />
/// <reference path="angular-mocks.js" />
/// <reference path="project.js" />

The source for the intellisense is here: 

Thanks to Jim Bledsoe for his hard work on this…